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For Principals and Administrators seeking a trusted partner in uniform solutions, Cramer's Uniforms stands as a beacon of reliability. With a legacy dating back to 1922, our family-owned business, spanning four generations, ensures a time-tested commitment to excellence in uniform services.


A Hassle-Free Partnership

At Cramer's, we understand the importance of efficiency for Principals and Administrators. Our customer-centric approach ensures a streamlined process, providing personalized service that respects your time and aligns seamlessly with the unique uniform needs of your school. Your satisfaction is not just our priority—it's the cornerstone of our partnership.

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Multiple Convenient Locations

With three strategically located stores in Philadelphia, Cramer's Uniforms offers unparalleled accessibility for Principals and Administrators. Our conveniently situated stores boast an extensive inventory of school uniforms throughout the year, making the uniform procurement process efficient and stress-free.

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High Standards within Budget Constraints

Cramer's Uniforms is committed to offering top-notch quality at budget-friendly prices, acknowledging the financial considerations faced by educational institutions. Our dedication to maintaining competitive pricing while upholding superior quality ensures that Principals and Administrators can provide students with durable, well-crafted uniforms without straining the school budget. Choose Cramer's for a partnership that blends affordability with uncompromised standards.

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